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Review @ 1/13/2013

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This band has blighting tone on the guitars, not really a speed band but the riffs are unique.
A steady drummer that has a tight double kick that is mixed very well.
Not enough bass to hear anything obtrusive..
The vocalist is a mix between chimera and devil wears prada but not intense lows..
Keeps highs mostly and has clean vocals.. He can hit some notes holds his tone well
Breakdowns.. Tight.. Very tight and sudden, I personally like sudden power downs
They’re a new band starting out but have a few legit songs
A band to look out for.. I say for fans of revocation.. Bullet for my valentine.. And most of all we came as romans. They don’t have crazy solos or fast paced but they’re metal.. New break pop 2 step clean vocals with hefty breadowns. -Willie Mammoth
(Interview coming soon)

In this post you will be learning what a ladder is and how to use it “on facebook” in 5 easy steps to maximize your facebook page promoting.


First step:
How we would go about finding a “ladder” (I’m guessing you are already logged into facebook at this point)  go to your facebook search bar and type in “Glory of Metal Productions” click on the one you see in the picture below and make sure to like the page!  there are alot of different promotion pages you can go to find ladders… as you will see threw Glory of Metal Productions we support everyone’s ladders.


Second step:
What we have below now is a picture of a ladder from Glory of Metal’s facebook page, the goal of a ladder is for everyone to click on each others “facebook page tags” hit *LIKE* and support each other.
If everyone follows these ladders rules correctly the outcome is amazing.

What a ladder is first demo.

Third step:
Now the next step is you want to click the first 3-5 tagged bands in the comment (these are going to be the featured bands) click like on the top right hand corner of the page, make sure to follow these steps because if your found just trying to tag your own band and your caught not showing support for the other bands (which happens alot sad to say) you will be banned from the page. that’s a loss for us and you!


Fourth step:
It’s really important for you to click share on these “ladders” reason being, the second you share the post it opens the ladder up to all your friends. Alot of the time we will be holding contests for the “band of the month” or “page of the month” depending on who’s tagged band or page gets the most likes in the comments for the ladder.


Fifth step:
You have made it to the final step.
Now your going to tag your band in the comments for the ladder. How you do this is you make the @ sign and type your band after it (no spaces)… so if your band was “The Reign, The Guillotine” you would type “@the reign the guillotine” and your band should pop up underneath where you were typing, just click it your band when you see it and click enter.


Thank you for viewing and I hope it helped.

There is alot everyone can do to support local music! and here is a list from us to you!

1.) Get on the internet and get involved with the online ladders we have on our facebook page make sure to like every local band and page we post.
2.) Help show flyers of local shows to your friends (doesn’t matter if its online or in person)! There is TONS of places to get local flyers… ask us… or just ask your local favorite band.
3.) Ask to join a bands Street-team, who knows you could get free merch.!
4.) Support your local bands by getting up off your ass and making your friends go to a show with you!!
5.) Add any of the members of our team and just ask if there is any missions that they have that you can help with, everyday there is a list of new missions in each one of our books.
6.) Search ‘ “your area” local music’ in google or facebook / any big internet site and become a fan of them, like them ask them what you can do!
7.) Find some local bands ask them if they need help with moving equipment or setting up at shows!
8.) Pick up a instrument yourself and learn to play yourself! you can start a band!
9.) Rally up a group of your friends that have the same interests, make a change for the better!
10.) Give your feedback on what you think about a bands music, don’t let your voice and thoughts be unheard!
p.s. Bands want your feedback it’s everything!